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General Contractors Preconstruction


Our approach to preconstruction is unique in both its content and its process. While providing the conventional deliverables of budgets, schedules and constructability reviews are essential, understanding and encompassing a client’s vision and values into their project is our primary focus. Our perspective extends out of a broader experience where the construction portion is a part of the whole puzzle, not a standalone piece. As a result, our clients receive a more comprehensive and dynamic strategy for their projects rather than a static, single-minded plan.

As a construction partner, we always seek to cultivate an environment of collaboration, cooperation and respect among all team members and to provide insightful, pointed advice throughout preconstruction. Our procedures and thought processes are designed to encourage experience-based solutions while highlighting issues and concerns so they are resolved at the forefront of a project. These processes, or steps, are distilled into three distinct preconstruction phases and create a level of confidence within the entire project team.

Discovery of the Vision, Criteria and Benchmarks

  • Vision and Value Discovery
  • Program Definition (Schematic Design)
  • Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Identify Constraining Issues
  • Overarching Timeline and Deliverables Schedule


Distill and Depict the Program

  • Concept Development (Design Development)
  • Constructability Review (Materials and Methods)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (Value Engineering)
  • Conceptual Budget Creation
  • Divisional Milestone Schedules
  • Subcontractor Identification and Qualification


Design and Deploy the Project

  • Vision Fulfillment Reviews
  • Construction Documentation
  • Critical Path Schedule Creation
  • Baseline Project Budget
  • Project Bid Packages