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R.D. Brown Contractors, Inc. is known for its tenacity for a quality built product. We simply will not accept substandard work and will enforce the highest standards of craftsmanship among our entire construction team. It is a core principle we drive into our entire team and it is evidenced in both the projects we construct and the confidence our clients have in their investment.

Quality control is not the actual control of materials, but the proper use and installation of a product based upon its limitations, characteristics and tendencies. Problems and issues often arise from a construction project when inexperience leans on a written specification as the end point instead of the start point for material integration and installation methods. These design specifications must always be guided by past in-field experiences and proven installation techniques for their incorporation into a project.

Through continual inspections and progress reviews, we are able to ensure a level of quality that is not easily matched in our industry. Every sequence of work is produced with the end product in mind and how the sustainability and longevity of the system will survive from project completion forward. Throughout the entire building process, every building system or proposed material is tested against our experience within other similar projects. Alternative materials, simpler techniques or modified applications may make holistic changes in the material’s performance for the project – it is understanding when these changes are applicable (and when not) that a builder earns their keep and reputation.