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Raymond D. Brown, Founder/Chairman of the Board

As the founder of R.D. Brown Construction Inc., Ray has a wide range of experience working in all facets of the construction industry. Ray’s leadership style of open communication and client service built RDB’s key strategic philosophy of quality projects and lasting relationships. His knowledge and experience to creatively and cost-effectively devise solutions to some of our client’s most challenging project issues have become industry legends.

Ray is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Building Construction. After serving as the company’s President since 1974, in 2009 Ray stepped into his current role as Chairman of the Board. He remains actively involved in the company’s overall development and passionately dedicated to customer satisfaction. Ray brings over 47 years of construction experience to his role as Chairman of the Board. He also plays a key role in our community outreach, and public relations implementation. He currently serves on the boards of The Salvation Army and Southern Bank.