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Our People

Where most may believe depth in personnel numbers reflects depth in resources, our clients understand that experience carries the day. With over 150 years of combined building experience among the company’s managers and an average tenure of 15 years, our exceptional office and field personnel are the key to our and, subsequently, our client’s success.

As a company, our construction managers are executive-level, multi-disciplined decision makers. Tasks that are typically assigned to numerous departments and personnel in larger organizations are handled directly by our project managers. This provides our clients with the resources and responsive actions necessary for delivering their projects. It also fosters better communication within the entire project team by eliminating redundancy and reducing possible miscommunications among team members.

  • Raymond D. Brown
    Founder/Chairman of the Board
  • Todd D. Brown
    President, Principal in Charge
  • Tim A. Troutman
    Senior Project Manager
  • Donald Coleman
    Senior Project Manager
  • Bryce Howie, Project Manager
  • Bobby McNeely
  • Bert Ellis
  • Bucky Jones
  • Mike Hendricks