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Project: Aiken County Public Schools

Midland Valley High School“R.D. Brown Contractors, Inc. has been working in Aiken County for over 20 years. In the past eleven years R.D. Brown Contractors, Inc. has completed five or six major projects valued up to 15 million dollars for me, personally, as Director of Facilities Construction for the Aiken County School Board.”

“I have always been able to count on the work of this general contractor in the following ways:

– First and most important, quality of work in maintained throughout every project and every phase of construction.
– Pricing is fair and reasonable.
– They will stay until the project is 100% complete.
– They still value the words honor and integrity.”

“I can always count on the completion of a successful project with R.D. Brown Contractors, Inc.”

Kevin A. Chipman
Director of Facilities Construction
Aiken County Public Schools

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